Between knockdown-rebuilds and Mr Fluffy blocks, local residential builder, Blackett Homes, is constructing more new homes in Canberra’s established suburbs than ever before in the business’s 36-year history.

According to sales manager, Rick Meir, the situation has brought out the best in the Blackett Homes team. He says they are working closely with clients to deliver excellent customer service and a seamless building experience from concept to completion.

But the influx of new home buyers in the market has resulted in several common and recurring themes – the main one being that many would-be home owners have not researched the process and don’t have a thorough understanding of all the costs associated with building, before purchasing a block.

“I recommend home buyers establish a budget first and foremost,” Meir says. “Prior to purchasing a block of land, discuss your potential home with your preferred builders to determine what it is going to cost, realistically, factoring in the whole building process.”

Meir says it is important for buyers to do their own research to get a clear picture of what’s involved, and who is involved. He encourages home buyers to ask questions of potential builders to get the full story on cost and other considerations.

“I know our clients value the fact that we have a high-rate of repeat business and referrals for example,” Meir says. “As a Canberra-based builder, we bring local knowledge to every project, including building codes, and have excellent relationships with our suppliers.”

Like most Canberrans, Meir appreciates all that the bush capital offers, including leafy outlooks. Blocks with existing trees are appealing, he says, but their location on a site can have a major impact on the design of a new home because many are protected by legislation.

“I have had home owners contact me after they’ve purchased a block with existing trees. In some cases, the trees have been protected and cannot be removed,” he says, “These people are left with an expensive block of land, unable to build what they’d hoped.”

For these reasons, Blackett Homes provides a free site assessment – without obligation or charge – to give buyers peace of mind before purchasing a block of land. From existing trees to site orientation, Meir knows exactly what to look for in a suitable block.

“Blackett Homes is a family-owned business, and we build homes for families,” he says. “Our role is to guide you through the process, and the process starts with having a block of land that is compatible with what you’d like to build on it.”

With Canberra’s established suburbs being revitalised with knockdown-rebuilds, Meir is proud that many of Blackett Homes’ award-winning designs will be part of the evolving landscape.

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